Friday, March 5, 2010

on writing my editor's letter...

So I sit here trying to piece my editor's letter...Metric's Twilight Galaxy plays over and over in my head. This is where our new issue started with an interview with Emily Haines, her honestly inspires me. We f**k up and we follow our hearts and we soar. I have thrown myself into this magazine, sometimes I drop the ball because I get caught up in my dreamland and I don't pay attention to the small important details. But I follow the lead of my heart and do what I feel is right (even if some don't agree). With every cell in my body I know what Parlour is and what Parlour stands for and I do my best to make sure Parlour stays on it's course.

I'm changing my blog...I want my blog to be about me about what I go though with this wonderful magazine, my inspirations, my loves and everything in between. The hope is that I inspire you and for you to know you aren't alone in your ups and downs in following your dreams.

Miss Parlour

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