Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Woot Woot Martina...

Martina Sorbara was our summer 2008 cover girl and she was my first girl crush that I had to get into Parlour. We had a blast during the photo shoot and the party traveled to Calgary for the Juno (Dragonette was nominated for "Best New Artist") parties.

I adore this video Boy & Girls by Martin Solveig with Martina for Jean Paul Gaultier's Ma Dame fragrance.


  1. hi miss parlour :)

    i just found your blog due to my cousin who works in PR at incite in edmonton.

    i'm from sherwood park, but have been living in cape town for the past 4 years. i move back to canada in the middle of august!

    my passion is fashion + helping.

    just wanted to share my blog with you --- it is personal style blog.

    i was home during the holidays and remember looking seeing my friend, Kristen Gogol on the cover! you have a wonderful magazine.

    all my best.
    hope to be in touch.


  2. I love this shoot,great memories. It was my first Parlour shoot, I got to meet you, Lauren and Ashley all in one day, and look at us now!